OCIMF Programmes Document Library

The OCIMF Programmes Document Library (PDL) has been developed to streamline programme participant access to information.

From this site all Programmes participants can access the latest information about OCIMF Programmes and how to use them. OCIMF Programmes encompasses SIRE including BIRE and EBIS, OVID, MTIS and the Management Self Assessments (TMSA, OVMSA, MTMSA). Users can access the relevant programme documentation through the Programmes Document Library (PDL).

The documents are made up of:

  1. Policies: the general principles by which OCIMF Programmes are governed.
  2. Procedures and Processes: the established methods by which OCIMF Programmes function.
  3. User Guidance: help users implement policies, procedures, and processes, including the technical operation of software.

Any section number with an a is procedures (in the document there’s a line against indented text) and any section number preceded with UG is a user guide.

Programmes Participants can download these bundled documents as a PDF reference. However, they must refer to the online Programmes Document Library to ensure they are following the up-to-date policy, procedure or guidance in force when making decisions.

OCIMF welcomes user feedback which can be provided by completing the feedback form here. Submitter’s identifiable information will be protected under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and discarded after feedback is addressed.